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How to choose door handles for different industrial doors?


When it comes to industrial doors, selecting the right door handle is crucial. It is not only about enhancing the aesthetics of the door but also ensures safety and durability. In this article, we will cover the factors to consider when choosing door handles for different industrial doors.

Firstly, it is essential to consider the type of industrial door. For security doors, a sturdy and durable door handle is required. A mortice lever handle with a lock would be a perfect fit for security doors. Lever handles have an advantage as they can be operated using elbows or forearms, which can be useful when carrying heavy loads.

For fire-rated doors, choose door handles that meet safety requirements. A push bar or panic bar can be used on fire-rated doors to ensure quick escape in case of an emergency. On the other hand, sliding doors require door handles with a pull handle. Stainless steel pull handles are durable and are perfect for sliding doors.

The second factor to consider is the location of the industrial door. If the door is located in an area with high foot traffic, a door handle with an anti-bacterial coating would be ideal. An anti-bacterial coating helps in preventing the spread of germs. For areas with high humidity, a door handle made of material resistant to corrosion should be considered.

The third factor is the level of accessibility required. For doors that require restricted access, choose a door handle that allows for key locking. For doors that require ease of access, door handles that are operated using a push or pull mechanism would be suitable.

Lastly, consider the overall aesthetics of the door handles. Industrial door handles are available in different finishes, including stainless steel, antique brass, and polished chrome. Ensure that the finish of the door handle matches the overall design of the door.

In conclusion, selecting the right door handle for industrial doors requires careful consideration of various factors, including type of door, location, accessibility, and aesthetics. By choosing the right door handle, you can enhance the security, safety, and durability of your industrial door.

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